Our mission
  • Digital Health Consulting: Conducting on-site audits and proposing tailored solutions to meet the needs and development projects in the digital health field.
  • Offering remote teleconsultation and teleexpertise solutions.
  • Providing a fully operational comprehensive teleimaging solution that allows:
  • Flexibility to cover day shifts and on-call periods, relieving your on-site radiology team and supporting their efforts.
  • Leveraging the full potential of your equipment and accessing various subspecialties, such as cardiac imaging, that are not widely available.
  • Accessing the expertise of our large international community of teleradiologists.
  • Strengthening your team when needed to ensure continuity of care provided by your facility.
  • Reducing wait times by increasing the scheduling capacity per day across extended time slots according to your needs and the human resources capacity of your facility, facilitated by Radilink's optimized planning system. The extended 24-hour time slots allow for patient distribution among radiologists in case of workload overload.
  • Ensuring continuous communication between radiologists and technicians through the integrated chat system on the platform. A direct phone number is also provided to reach the radiologist when necessary. These exchanges promote learning and enhance the technicians' experience while ensuring better quality and optimization of examinations for the benefit of the patient.
  • Utilizing the full potential of your center in terms of equipment and human resources, enabling extended time slots and accommodating more requests while maintaining high-quality work.

Integrating Radilink's teleimaging platform into your facility compensates for any potential medical staff shortage, relieves on-site physicians, satisfies referring physicians with the quality of services and shorter wait times, and enhances the value of technicians' work, providing continuous support and access to previously inaccessible micro-specialties to enrich their professional experiences.

Patients receive quick and efficient care near their homes, eliminating the need to travel hundreds of kilometers or even abroad for quality imaging examinations.

The presence of Radilink facilitates a more comfortable practice for physicians in emergency cases, allowing effective and rapid patient management and referral, particularly in surgical, cardiovascular, and neurological emergencies.

We are committed to making your facility more attractive to both patients and healthcare professionals, offering efficient and relevant modern medical practice, enhancing the professional experience for all stakeholders, and ensuring patient safety and, in many cases, invaluable chances of survival.

Like the discovery of the internet, teleimaging solutions envisioned and offered by Radilink open the door to a new era of medicine.

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